Singapore cultural life and art exhibitions

Singapore is a busy metropolis, one of the largest and most international cities in the world. The reason for that is the awesome mixing of cultures which helps you find literally anything and everything in here. From Chinese, Indian and Arabic and European communities Singapore has people from all around the world living here. Thanks to this, the city’s official language in in fact English and this is also why life is so easy for everyone in this beautiful place. This time around we would like to represent you some of the most outstanding cultural places, museums and fine arts exhibitions in Singapore in the hope of helping you out in case you are in the area.


Singapore is a city, which is not only huge, but it’s also beautiful, colorful and very unique. Apart from the large ultramodern skyscrapers it features plenty of colonial buildings, and old districts where different nationalities live (Arabic district, Chinatown for example). Also, next to being stacked with people Singapore has been carefully plan. This way, it has enough green areas, parks in order to give chance for people to relax and to enjoy some free time outside.

Being the melting pot of so many different cultures ( Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai with strong Portuguese and British influence). It’s no wonder that Singapore has some of the most colorful cultural life. It’s extremely rich in creativity and has four renowned art institutes. If you are up for taking a cultural tour, this city is just the right choice for you. And we are here to guide you by showing you some of the most exciting places to visit.


Singapore Art Museum: This museum is already worth visiting, even if you would like to see it from the outside, as it’s housed by St. Joseph, a Spanish Mission School which was built in the 19th century. Today, this building which is a national monument on its own right gives home to some of the most outstanding contemporary art collections in Southeast Asia. The former mission school was fully restore. It’s one of the largest and most beautifully restore missionary buildings on the continent.

National Gallery Singapore:  housed in the British colonial former Supreme Court building which is a neo-renaissance giant the National Gallery is one of the newest fine art galleries of Singapore. It’s also the largest of its kind throughout the whole Southeast Asian region. 1 day here will definitely not be enough to see all this huge gallery has to offer.

National Museum of Singapore

Despite being relatively young as a nation, Singapore has a very rich and colorful history. From the Portuguese Christian settlers to the British Colonial period and civil wars, until the independence from Malaysia. This miniature state went through a lot, to be where it is today. The National Museum guides you back in time, to teach you about the culture and history of the country and the region. It’s more than worth a visit.


ArtScience Museum

If you are up for checking out the international contemporary art scene then don’t hesitate to head over to this ultramodern looking museum. Having unique and outstanding exhibitions some of which also include representing the art works of Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Fine Art tours and events

Singapore Art Week:  this is an outstanding event which held every year and it lasts 12 days. This cultural event involves all the museums, art institutes and also represents tons of international temporary exhibitions, art fairs and gallery events. It’s definitely a must-see for all the art lovers out there. The museum represents art works of famous Singaporean artists as well as international temporary exhibitions. There guided tours and several programs to further entertain visitors. This gallery is definitely a must-visit for all the arts and culture lovers out there.

Orchard Art Trail

Orchard Road is surely familiar for everyone who knows or had been to Singapore. As this downtown road is one of the main shopping destinations in the city. However, as this tour will show you there is so much to this road than stores. The art trail has 13 stops it features lovely artworks, sculptures, fountains, statues made by national and international artists all really worth checking out.

Heritage tours in Singapore

This city is very unique because it has a higher than normal amount of beautiful colonial buildings. They left over from the Portuguese and the British periods and luckily none of these destroyed, instead they were beautifully restored. History tours include the Second World War tours where you can learn on the war strategies in the Far East. These include tours to Kampong Glam, The Northern Resilience Trail and the Southern Resilience Trail. If you are wondering about the ancient history of the era then you ought to go on to the Temasek Trail tour

Crafts and handcrafts

Singapore is literally the city of markets with flea markets, night markets all over the downtown area. Flea markets are by far the best places to hunt for souvenirs, handicrafts and other works of art. Definitely check these out when you are in Singapore.

Top 10 reasons why DIY is good for us

DIY or do it yourself has become a phenomenon of our culture and today there are tons of YouTube channels which were created and are growing thanks to their smart DIY projects. Even the social media site Pinterest has become popular thanks to its great DIY photo collections. But why DIY can be good for us? Let’s explore it in this article, by also not forgetting some of the drawbacks of it either.


Most of us like DIY, and we don’t exactly do them, we still like to watch them unfold online. There are tons of psychological reasons for that so let’s enlist a couple of these:

DIY can save you money

There are tons of projects which are built on someone not having money to buy things or to spend on extra things which they would need.

DIY raises your level of creativity

This is indeed true. Even if you are not trying to do every project (or any at all) which you get to see on video, DIY can be very inspiring to watch and can really make you feel that you too could do several things in order to feel more artistic, smarter or simply to try something new.

DIY can make your become more artistic

It is great in showing you where a little bit of creativity can take you and that sometimes all you need is just an idea, a glue and some pieces of paper to make something interesting or outstanding you would never have thought before.

DIY helps you become more open minded

These projects are great to inspire you to think outside of the box and to try to create something entirely unique. We are full of things we may never think we would need. We can learn that we can use things in entirely new ways and that there is so much more to spending time doing something creative than we may have ever imagined.

DIYs are perfect for family programs

Kids love DIYs and for a good reason. They can make for a great family program and can also help kids in exercising doing things and on focusing on creating one thing.

DIYs help both kids and adults with concentration problems and attention disorders

These projects inspire someone to focus on creating one thing and this also works great as a therapy. Similarly to today’s trend of adult color books, the DIY projects have proved to help those with concentration issues.

DIYs can provide therapeutic help for those with anxiety, bipolar and other disorders

By helping people to focus on the thing they want to create and also with providing some excitement and motivation, as well as the need to focus, these projects, quite similarly to fine arts can help people to be calmer, to learn how to focus more and to prove themselves that they can be creative too.

DIYs can help you get out of your comfort zone:

Everyone has their own way of self-entertainment, while others are simply bored yet don’t want to get out of home. That’s exactly why DIYs can be great. You don’t go out but still find a way of having fun which is different from your normal everyday activities or leisure activities.

 Things to avoid when trying to do a DIY

While DIYs are much fun, they also do have their downside. Let’s talk about some of these and on how to avoid them.

  • Don’t overspend in the name of DIY: Some DIY projects actually need lots of money. When it comes to getting all the ingredients, so better steer clear for those.
  • Don’t go out of your limit: Learning how to do things sometimes takes time. It definitely takes lots of exercising. If you are to create something for the first time, try with cheap materials, paper or any other ingredients. You don’t need much money to spend on. This is essential because everyone prefers to succeed. Yet this doesn’t mean you will be able to create a project the same way someone who has experimented with it several times would do.
  • Check out what you can and cannot do and stick with doing what you can: We all do have those activities which we like doing because we also have talent for it. If you are clearly not that good in creating a type of project then either leave it. Or try with lighter exercises to make sure you don’t end up just messing up things and go wrong.
  • Steer clear of the razor sharp cutting objects which they use for lots of DIY projects. Without being extra sure you know how to handle them or make the necessary precautions before proceeding.

Amazing Cultural Life of Dubai

Dubai is much more than a large shopping city:  this time around we would like to provide you with a comprehensive guide on all the fine art and art collections and help you learn more about the cultural life of the city.

There is no one who wouldn’t have head of all the unique and world record breaking architectural wonders which make Dubai a unique travel destination. 50 years ago, Dubai was a traditional Arabic fishermen’s town, not much bigger than a village. But it’s amazing what oil and money combined with smartness can lead to.

Thanks to the revolutionary business mind of Sheikh al Maktoum who had the dream of recreating Dubai as an international metropolis, a center of business, arts and tourism today’s Dubai is a shiny , large city, stacked with breathtaking buildings, tons of shopping malls, hotels and other touristic attractions.

Dubai has the highest number of record breaking buildings and today, it’s housing people from all over the world living and working here. Thanks to this international atmosphere, Dubai is just a perfect destination for those who would like to find a great collection of cultural programs, check out on fantastic art collections and learn more about the Middle East in the same time.

Dubai Art Galleries:

We may have heard so much about Dubai as a shopping destination, but lately the city is making great efforts to become a popular destination for the art lovers too. The city is housing 9 outstanding art galleries, with each one having a different sort of specialization and we haven’t even talk about all the temporary art exhibitions which are held elsewhere in the city. But let’s first learn more about these nine art galleries:

Sukoun – Sunset Mall

This outstanding gallery is situated in the Jumeirah district and it has some of the largest antique collection in the area with its 500 pieces of antiques. The exhibition represents artworks, handicrafts and furniture. If you want to learn about the traditional Middle Eastern lifestyle, you better gert started here.

Gulf Photo Plus – Al Quoz

If you like photography, then you ought to check out this gallery which is a hub for photographers featuring new exhibitions every week, spiced up with various other photography related events as well.

Citizen E Gallery – Dubai Design District

This is one of the largest galleries in the city featuring beautiful pieces of modern, contemporary fine arts. It includes the art pieces of both local and international talents.

J+A Gallery – Al Quoz

If you would like to learn more about vintage furniture than this is the place for you to visit. The gallery has quite a special collection of European vintage and industrial furniture featuring 20th century pieces mainly.

Cartoon Art Gallery – Al Quoz

We all love cartoons and this gallery was created to feed all of us cartoon lovers. We can look behind the scenes of making a cartoon, check out some of the best animations out there. You can learn so much more on how to produce cartoons.  If you are looking for a nice fun time activity then this gallery is for you

Lumas Gallery – Jumeirah

This is a gallery which also works as a store, selling high profile artworks, photographs and paintings of all style to its visitors. The colorful cavalcade of pictures and paintings are definitely a must-check. Especially if you are looking for something unique to decorate your home with. As an extra, you can also buy online from the website of the gallery.

19th century antiques – Emirates Towers

The excellent relationship between Dubai and France also translates to arts. With France offering lots of outstanding artworks to be featured in Dubai. One of the best places to check these out includes the 19th Century Antiques . The largest collection of antique art works and fine art from France.


Dubai Cultural and Historical Tours

Although Dubai is a relatively young city, still as part of the Middle Eastern Saudi Arabian peninsula. Dubai has a great deal of historical and cultural heritage to represent which is pretty alonestanding. There are several historical and cultural tours for everyone, who would like to learn more about the history and culture of Dubai to check out. Let’s feature some of the most popular ones:

Al Fahidi Fort , the Heritage and Diving Village and Al Bastakiya Neighborhoods:

These neighborhoods are the traditional districts of Dubai. They are also the districts where you can get to find the souks or Arabic style marketplaces. Al Fahidi Fort is the very center of Dubai and it’s one of the oldest constructions of Dubai. The fort used from the middle Ages to guard the sea. As the districts are right next to the river-like Dubai creek, you can also use the chance and take a water taxi, to visit the neighboring Deira.

From the Creek you can even check out the palace of Sheikh Al Maktoum. Al Fahidi Fort also gives home to a historical museum for those who would like to see art works from an earlier era. You can also check out the new Heritage and Diving Villages. They built to hone all the hardworking fishermen and pearl divers who lived in Dubai back in the day.

The village has built to mirror the look of the old traditional fishermen’s villages but it’s stacked with stores, shops and exhibitions, where you can get to buy traditional craftworks. You can also get to see all the methods the ancient Dubai people use to create pottery and other handcrafted goods. This place is a fantastic cultural program both for adults and for kids.  If you are up for buying gold, then Deira Gold Souk is waiting for you. The souk is only a stone’s throw from the Heritage and Diving Villages.

As you can see, Dubai has so much to offer when it comes to arts and crafts. Check this great, unique city out as soon as you can.

Saadiyat Cultural District: hub of culture the world has never seen before

If you think that the Middle East is all about camels and desert safaris then it’s high time for you to think again: the United Arab Emirates is surely becoming a real unique international center of arts, culture and business all in the same time. Let us introduce you to some of the most alone standing museums Saadiyat is to house in the near future. Today, the United Arab Emirates is to create a global hub of arts in the Middle East. And in fact, they will have a Louvre too, but this Louvre will be a huge upgrade of the original museum, something you’ve never seen before. Let’s learn about Louvre Abu Dhabi which will soon open its doors to welcome visitors from all over the world in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s brand new art district, the Saadiyat Cultural District.

About Saadiyat Cultural District

After Dubai taking almost all the palms for breaking several world records, while creating one of the world’s largest and most unique cities, housing such a high number and quality of attractions the world has never seen before, now, it’s Abu Dhabi’s time to grow and shine. After all, the two largest cities of the UAE are so close to each other, that today, they are literally becoming one huge metropolis.

Abu Dhabi has recently started to create its own international cultural center. It is much more than you may think it’d be: it’s an island, a literal city of arts. The Cultural Centre is to house outstanding attractions coming from all around the world and it will feature the so-called extensions of two world famous museums, the Louvre and the Guggenheim. And it will do so, with such designs the world has never seen before.

The goal behind the creation of this unprecedented fine arts hub is to create the world’s largest collection of artworks. Needless to say, that Saadiyat Cultural District is created by the world’s very best architects and prize winning designers. So you can be to see jaw dropping creations in this special island fully dedicated to arts.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Now, you might be wondering if you have read it right and indeed you have. There has been one Louvre as we all know, right in the middle of Paris, giving home to some of the highest number of international artworks from all over the world. It representing some of the most valuable paintings of all time, such as the alone standing Mona Lisa.

Louvre is definitely one of the world’s largest and most famous museums. And now, its extension the Louvre 2.0 is soon to open its doors to welcome visitors. From all over the world right in the middle of the United Arab Emirates as the crown stone of Al Saadiyat Cultural District. You can bet to see something extremely modern, outstanding and eye popping, in French style! The museum is the result of an agreement between the governments of France and the United Arab Emirates.

As the construction is underway for a while now, we can expect Louvre Abu Dhabi to open its doors to the public by the end of 2017. According to the photos shown of the interiors and exteriors, we are to witness seeing an architectural art work the world has never seen before. The leading architect of the museum is Jean Nouvel who has created something extremely outstanding. While concentrating on blending the elements of modern architecture with the local building traditions.

Saadiyat Cultural

Other outstanding characteristics of Louvre Abu Dhabi:

  • It includes an interactive Children’s’ Museum to entertain kids of all age
  • The museum will house artworks borrowed from the 13 top French art institutions, with Musée du Louvre being one of these.
  • The museum will house a plaza and a restaurant area as well
  • Everything will be presented in 3 languages: Arabic, French and English.

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

What Louvre is for Paris, that’s Guggenheim for New York. With both museums being the most famous in the world. They having a second Guggenheim open its doors in Dubai may sound over the top but it’s the truth. Thanks to the attempts of the UAE government. Now it’s time for our attention to shift from destroying to actually building something valuable for the future generations. It give the chance to our kids and grandkids to learn more about it. The new Guggenheim will look like nothing you have ever imagined and this isn’t a lie. It will be unique, extravagant and playful in the same time. As an extra information. The architect of the new Guggenheim is Alex Gehry, the architect of Guggenheim in Bilbao Spain. Guggenheim

Zayed National Museum

While the stars of the Saadiyat Cultural Centre are definitely the two giants, Louvre and Guggenheim. Zayed National Museum features an intriguing design and tons of interesting historical information on Abu Dhabi. The Sheik’s family and cultural heritage ( The Sheikh’s family name is Zayed).

Apart from these 3 leading artworks which are to give home for an extreme quantity of artworks from all around the world. The Saadiyat will also feature a lovely Maritime Museum and a Performing Arts Centre. Now the whole complex is brand new, but give it a few years and it will be comfortable enough to become a real special center of arts and fine arts in the Middle East.

What does relationship counseling of breakup involves?

Relationship counseling is the procedure of counseling the human relationship. It help them to understand and supervise their problems and solve their issues in a relationship or breakup. The breakup tips offer method help to solve matters between family members, between colleagues at your office, or between a professional and a client. Many people think that relationship counseling is the last step to tackle and finally it might take you to divorce or breakup.
Relationship counseling helps people with Post Breakup Advice. They solve a variety of problems such as partner having affair, money problem, personal problems, sex relate problems, addiction to alcohol and drugs, physical and mental problems, etc. All this issue creates a problem in your relationship. You are trying your best to avoid all these difficulties, but it may not be easy for you. With the help of relationship counseling you can get rid out of all this problems. So you can enjoy a happy and tension free life.

Role of the counselor in Breakup

• The Counselor provides a confidential conversation between the couple so that they interact deeply and finally normalizes their feelings for each other.
• With the help of effective Breakup Tips, they try to smooth the relationship of couple.
• He force to understand the couple that both the people should be heard and hear themselves.
• Counselor shows the couple the difficulties in their relationship and shows them the way to recover from these difficulties.
• Counselor Empower the relationship to become strong enough and take full control of its own density and force to make vital decisions.
• The Counselor provides relevant and necessary information to the couple.
• In the counseling process, counselor changes the view of the relationship of the couple and even helps to offer Post Breakup Advice.
• Counselor improves the communication between them.

Another aspect of relationship counseling

Today’s generation is taking the relationship casually. The young couples are making relationship quickly and be in a relationship for some time and then breakup. For them also relationship counselors are required, not for protecting the relationship but find the way to separate. Apart from the young generation many people over the age of 30-40 want to end their relationship permanently. They only demand break up and divorce and not even try the counseling to save their relationship.

Select a couple therapist or counselor

• Ask your counselor about Breakup Tips as how much they would look after your matter each week. You must choose that marriage counselor whose practice is mainly for couples.
• Here you need to select a marriage counselor that has well experience in his profession or must belong to a professional organization.
•Look for the couple therapists who studies Evidence-base couples and has taken Evidence-base training.
• You should select a marriage counselor who has specific training and attitude to be a skill marriage counselor. They should able to resolve all your issues and provide better solutions.